NX≈SWIM proudly presents: the Tiburon performance tracker


Tiburon ('Shark' in Spanish) is a new technology for advanced swim training, providing deep analysis of swimmer movements via motion and video data, and answering key questions for athletes and coaches. Did fatigue and swim stroke efficiency improve? Is arm frequency higher? Did the leg training show positive effects? Tiburon's coaching app analyzes these parameters and guides you through the next training sessions.

Tiburon - advanced swim training

How It Works

Tiburon's precision sensor tracks swimmer movement during resistance swimming sessions. Measurements are analyzed by a mobile app that provides graphical output of the most relevant parameters. Data can be compared to previous sessions or to other athletes. Video can be captured and replayed in parallel with movement data and there's a coaching function that suggests new training routines.

Tiburon - How it works

Training Modes

In basic mode, essential parameters such as distance and kilocalories burned are measured.

In competition mode, athletes swim for short periods at maximum intensity. The app then performs a “radiography” of strength and technique, revealing small but important details and suggesting improvements.


Due to the precision sensor and NX SWIM algorithms, Tiburon can “see” more than other training devices.

It measures: kilocalories burned, distance, average speed, top speed, arm frequency, leg frequency, stroke efficiency (SWOLF), % fatigue and many more.


Tiburon helps to improve swimming.

Athletes can train efficiently without a coach.

Coaches and health centres improve quality of coaching.

Secret weapon: Tiburon is an exclusive training tool that will give you an advantage over the competition.

For Who

Everybody who wants to have an exclusive and ultimate swim experience.

Everybody who wants improve swimming or helps others improving their swimming.

Everybody who wants to have more fun in the pool.