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here you will get more information about our cutting edge IoT technology and data-science for swimming. Founder Kay has 15 years experience of analyzing biologically derived sensor data. Prior to nx-swim he developed a technology to automatically track aquatic animals which are surprisingly similar to swimmers. We are offering data anlysis services to sports, science and industry and are looking for collaborations that move swim-tech forward. 

Please contact us if you want to know more:


this is our IoT for biomechanics analysis of swim technique. The athlete swims with a belt connected to the sensor at the pool side (static swimming) and our sensor measures the movmements and a camera is capturing videos. We can see those data in real time and anlyze them with our machine learning algorithms. Everything is presented in simple graphics on the app and ready for deeper analysis with the video material. We have developed this analysis platform with thousands of those data sets.



technically speaking we are analyzing time-series of forces-applied-to the water sensor data. This time series undergo a complex filtering and transformation process before fed to intelligent algorithms which analyze specific aspects of swimmers technique. The image below shows a video andtime sereis of founder Kays frontcrawl with some aspects that clearly need some improvements.

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